The tunisian association „Help Me Learn“


1.) Please make a short presentation about you:

I’m Gamra ZENAIDI, a passionate teacher of English, a motivated ICT trainer and the president of the Tunisian association “Help me Learn” dedicated to improving the educational, cultural and social conditions of children in underprivileged schools.

The association was created in 2012 to contribute to reducing school dropout and to defend children’s access to quality education and culture. Our main message for mankind is LOVE and PEACE!


2.) Why are you doing this? And what do you like the most about your work?

I spent the most important part of my life educating, teaching, exchanging with children and youngsters and I came close to their problems and needs. They have dreams, expectations! Unfortunately, most of their dreams vanish very quickly! It’s so frustrating to see many of them leave school very early for various reasons usually beyond their control. They’re not responsible for being born in a poor family, in a poor region where studying is not that easy!

When you love children and you care for their life and the future of your country, you help, you give, you act and you find solutions. You cannot stay still and let things happen! Real change needs people and we’d like to be among these people!


For us as members of this association, education and culture are the best arms to fight all social evils, extremism and ignorance! Here stars our journey towards change.
Creating school libraries, cultural clubs and providing support where and when needed!

It’s not easy to manage all this, to engage people and to get funds for sustainable projects but it’s so rewarding, exciting and relieving to see these kids go back to school, get interested and perform well! They have the right to regain hope, to live, to dream, to smile, to play, to succeed! To make it possible for them is our joy, our recognition, our salvation!


3.) What events do you have in 2016, where we can join you?

“Art of Peace” is an annual event which will take place on 19 March 2016. It is a multicultural event which aims to disseminate the universal values ​​of love, peace, tolerance and citizenship. This session is under the theme „If we want peace, let’s create love“!

Participants will exhibit the cultural specificities of their regions and countries. It will be a festival of colors, artistic richness in difference.
Various cultural and artistic activities will take place in different places in the city of Mourouj 1 in the southern suburbs of Tunis.

Here you find all information to the event:
Event Page on Facebook


It will be a good opportunity to highlight one of our special projects “Myriem Citizen of the World” which is an educational, cultural and human project that gathers hundreds of educators and students from different regions of Tunisia and a good number of European countries on Etwinning platform.

Plays, songs, choreographies, poetry, stories, paintings and many other creative activities are produced around the character of a little doll called Myriem who is a messenger of love, peace and tolerance. She succeeded to bring together people from all walks of life!

Join our group at facebook!
Facebook Group of „Help Me Learn“


Better competencies, more opportunities.”

For the rest of 2016, we’ll work at taking this project to another national and international dimension focusing on networking and more collaboration.

We intend to create an online platform to publish all the work already done and to give the chance to all the participating teams to make their projects visible.
We will support the teams with training, accompaniment and networking.
We will carry on creating school libraries and cultural clubs and organizing contests around reading and writing activities.

We will also help in coaching unemployed youth through the program “Forsati” prepared by the Ministry of Vocational Training and Employment to improve their competencies and give them more chance to access business market. Our project is called “Better competencies, more opportunities.”

4.) What have been the successes in the past?

The fact of creating an association and working for 4 years without funds is in itself a challenge and a success. Without the support of its members and generous donors, nothing could have been done!
We created a dozen of school libraries, gave social support to about 300 pupils, built a school canteen and gave it all the food supplies for one year.

We also organized a campaign for the benefit of a little girl who needed an eye surgery and we paid for all the costs.
Many cultural and artistic activities were successful: “Dima Sg’ART” as street art, “Book ‘n T” as a library open to students for 2 years where they met to read, discuss, exchange ideas and drink mint tea!
The most successful and appreciated project has always been “Myriem Citizen of the World”


5.) What are your plans for the future?

  •  Create a friendly cultural and social space to welcome young unemployed, to help them manage it and provide them with all necessary training to start their own projects and rely on themselves.
  •  Project “The highway of knowledge”: Turn a bus into a mobile library equipped with books, magazines, painting materiel, films, computers, a data show to the profit of people and mainly children in remote villages and mountainous regions in Tunisia.
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6.) How can we support your great work?

We need more visibility, communication, collaboration, networking, partnership, funds and sponsors.
If we join our efforts and we work on common projects, our impact will be greater. Creating a platform across borders is one way to bridge lots of gaps.


7.) How can we contact you?

12804463_10208483972954202_706854037_nThese are our contact details:

Gamra Zenaidi
Présidente et fondatrice de l’association Aide-moi à Apprendre- Help me Learn
Fondatrice du projet Myriem Citoyenne du Monde

Adresse: Rue Mahdia, Complexe 21, 1er étage- Mourouj 1- Tunisie
Tél: 00216 2

Page FB:

Groupe des adhérents:

Groupe du projet Myriem Citoyenne du Monde: Histoire d’une poupée
Groupe du project Myriem Citoenne du Monde