Tunisian association „Help Me Learn“

Interview: The tunisian association "Help Me Learn" 1.) Please make a short presentation about you: I’m Gamra ZENAIDI, a passionate teacher of English, a motivated ICT trainer and the president of the Tunisian association “Help me Learn” dedicated to improving the educational, cultural and social conditions of children in underprivileged [...]

Film: Kann eine Frau abends alleine in Tunesien ausgehen? Ja!

Kann eine Frau nachts alleine ausgehen in Tunesien? Hier der Beweis!

Faces of Tunisia: Suoad

This is Souad. She spontaniously started a conversation with me in a supermarket in Houmt Souk, Djerba, to let me Welcome here. Laughed a lot together, she has great humor! If you also like to support peace in tunisia, please like and share www.facebook.com/forpeacetunisia and tell your own good stories in internet with ‪#‎peacetunisia‬. [...]

Spontanious help from Cyrine

This is Cyrine, 20 years old. She`s living at Djerba, started to writing a book about Tunisian culture and want to study journalism. Today she just came over in our office, telling us: "I want to support you! How can I help?" Power of the people! Welcome in our team, dear Cyrine. Das ist [...]